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Hi, we are excited to see you here.

Take your time exploring the shop, the products, the courses, lessons, sessions, webinars and drop ins.

The concept of the shop is that it is a natural extension of our current websites, The Spiritual Centre .com & .net. Our ethos of pay it forward reflects in everything we say and do.

The Spiritual Centre Shop started as an exciting idea that we decided to run with. We bounced a web page into existence, got a bit excited, started a publishing house, created mischief and the shop was born, we then run around looking for all the things we have around us that brings us peace and harmony the things that make our home a sanctuary. Our hope is you will have as much fun exploring the spiritual centre shop as we did trying to make the shop a memorable experience and a place to return too.

All of our products are environmentally friendly, our aim is a carbon friendly zero footprint. We accept it isn't possible in this day and age but we do what we can 'to pay it forward.'

Love the life you live. **Live,**Love,** Laugh**,

Animal Spirit Oracle deck, the founders Bruce Clifton and Sonia Parker
Animal Spirit Oracle deck, the founders Bruce Clifton and Sonia Parker

Much Love,
Bruce & Sonia

The journey of The Spiritual Centre Shop began with an exhilarating idea that we wholeheartedly embraced. We brought a web page to life, filled with enthusiasm, ventured into the world of publishing, and mischief followed suit. And so, our beloved shop came into existence, blooming with inspiration and purpose. We often find ourselves on a quest to discover the elements that bring tranquility and serenity into our lives. It's the search for those special things that transform our homes into sanctuaries, where we can truly find solace. Our aspiration is that you'll experience the same joy as we did while curating our spiritual centre shop, creating a memorable journey for you to embark on and return to time and time again.

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